Friday, December 16, 2011

Business Letter Template

One needs to pay special attention to the language while writing a business letter. It should be formal and even sensitive issues should be addressed with proper care and ensure that it does not come across as offensive. For example, in case of complaint letters.

Tips for Writing Business Letters

Some guidelines for writing the letter might prove to be useful. The main aim of writing the letter is to convey a specific message as opposed to personal letters written to friends and relatives, etc.

Message: Conveying the message properly is the main criteria that one should pay attention to. Keep the paragraphs brief and clear. Try to be as concise as possible but replete with relevant details and information. For example, in case of business proposal letters one needs to give out all details about the proposed project

Format: Make sure that the information in the letter is systematically presented to save time as well as avoid ambiguity. Make sure that the dates and other important details you write in the letter follows the same format throughout
Length: Although there is no specific limitation for the length of a business letter, the content reigns high. As long as you are giving the required information as mentioned in the subject line of your letter, there is no hard and fast rule for the length/

Business Letter Format

The format of writing a letter is American. The content is intended to the left, everything from the sender's address to the closing of the letter. The following are the sections of a business letter:

Business Letter Template

This template is meant for associate a new business associate who is being apprised of the terms and conditions of the new venture.

Sender's Address
(postal and e-mail)
Addressee's Details
Address Line1
Address Line2
(designation and company's name)
We are pleased to have you as our associate in our new venture. We welcome you wholeheartedly and wish our association will be the beginning of making a great future. This is to inform you of the conditions of our new venture, as per the telephonic conversation:
point 1
point 2
point 3

Should there be need for any clarifications, kindly get in touch with me.
Thank you.
Name and Surname
Company Name
(e-Mail & contact number)

Following these guidelines for writing letters will help you stay focused and send the message across unambiguously and effectively.

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